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sunbelt diversified enterprises, llc
1221 brickell ave, suite 2660
miami, florida 33131
phone: 786.363.3080
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Sunbelt Diversified Enterprises is a private equity holding company focused on acquiring great companies in the lower middle market in the 13 southeastern states, partnering with management to build even greater value, and holding these companies for the long term.  James R. Tolzien, Chief Executive Officer: We look you in the eye, talk straight, and deliver on our promises -- that's Sunbelt.  Peter R. Patraka, Executive Vice President of Business Development: As a cash buyer in the marketplace, we can get you to the finish line quickly.  J. Michael Jones, Chief Operating Officer: We help companies achieve their next level of sustainable growth, not push for a hockey stick growth curve... News: Click here to read the latest news from Sunbelt After the presentation, click here to learn more about us After the presentation, click here to learn more about us

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